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Zip ™ Chromebook Case Keeps Student Computers in Survival Mode

Zip ™ Chromebook Case Keeps Student Computers in Survival Mode

When schools distribute Chromebook usage policies, K-12 students may simply see a long, tedious list of restrictions. Unfortunately, kids also have an innate need to look for loopholes to get around the rules. School administrators shopping for protective gear benefit by preparing for the worst scenarios, ensuring that school-issued Chromebooks are fully defended even if students handle them carelessly.

Defense that Never Rests

School districts spend thousands of dollars on protective Chromebook cases, so administrators get the most value when they choose gear that keeps delicate computers covered at all times. Volume Cases approaches design by evaluating the mindset of a young student who isn’t blatantly trying to destroy the computer, but easily overlooks the countless red flags that lead to a broken Chromebook.

The impressive result is the Zip case, a weather-, shock-, and tear-resistant cover that’s always in survival mode. Once on, the case doesn’t need to come off unless an IT employee needs to physically open the computer itself. On every other occasion, the fitted straps at the top and the corner guards at the bottom hold the Chromebook in place.

Since the case is custom-fitted to the school’s chosen Chromebook model, the computer won’t slide around or collect debris that could wear down its casing. Most importantly, a Chromebook student can comfortably view the screen and access every computer control with the case on. To avoid interference with the computer’s speed and performance, the case includes two integrated risers that gently elevate the Chromebook. Air is able to flow freely beneath the device, preventing it from overheating and cause frustrating lag during classroom assignments.

Child-Proof Construction

True to its name, the Zip™ case features a zipper closure that completely seals the computer from harmful objects and protects the edges from scratches and scrapes. When a student is working, a durable lip surrounds the device edges and absorbs shock from sudden bumps.

Students don’t need to panic when they get caught in the rain. The case’s exterior is made from rugged weatherproof material to safeguard the computer from liquid damage. And regardless of what’s going on outside or in the classroom, the Zip™ cover’s microfiber interior softly encases the Chromebook to make sure its housing is safe from nicks and scratches.

Safe, Convenient Portability

For administrators who appreciate options, Volume Cases offers two types of carrying straps for the Zip case. A shoulder strap gives students a safer alternative to carting their computer around in a book-laden backpack. With the optional hand strap, kids are less likely to lose their grip on the computer even when they’re rushing to class or jostled in the halls.

In the face of unseen obstacles, school administrators have to make their technology purchases last for years at a time. While administrators can’t regulate every moment or anticipate every accident, they can choose cases that stand up to virtually every type of accident.

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