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Why You Should Test Sample Chromebook Cases Before Making a Big Purchase

Why You Should Test Sample Chromebook Cases Before Making a Big Purchase

When buying Chromebook cases for schools, choose manufacturers that let you test the durability and functionality before finalizing a purchase.


You test-drive a car to experience how it feels on the road. You try out furniture in the showroom to make sure it fits your lifestyle. You test out the big-screen TV in a store for an up-close look at the picture quality. For any big purchase, you don’t automatically trust the product to deliver what it promises. You test it. Buyer’s skepticism is an important part of choosing a product or vendor, especially when you plan to offer repeat business. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to test out Chromebook cases for schools before spending thousands of dollars on a product that may not provide the protection you expect.


Not All Cases Are Created Equally


Chromebook one-to-one programs require trust and accountability, as your district must put faith in students to bring computers back to school in one piece every day. Yet, students can’t help coming in contact with potential hazards as devices travel between backpacks, lockers, school buses, homes and slippery hands on a daily basis. Chromebook cases are the first line of defense and often make up for the moments when safe handling practices fall short.


Before sending students out with a fleet of Asus C202 Chromebooks, it’s beneficial to inspect the vulnerable areas of the device to rule out cases that don’t provide adequate coverage. Unfortunately, a large portion of Chromebook cases on the market leave several high-risk areas completely unprotected. If a case doesn’t cushion the rear hinge, rule it out. If a case requires you to remove your device, rule it out. If the case has no shock absorbancy, rule it out. Make a list of the features you absolutely need to keep your Chromebooks intact, and rule out any case that doesn’t stack up.

Working directly with Chromebook case manufacturers is a smart option because they are 100 percent dedicated to creating protective features for your specific devices. As they work with a niche customer base, case manufacturers are also attentive to your needs and knowledgable about the rules and obstacles involved in making district purchases.


A Great Product May Not Be Great for You


When your school decided to launch a one-to-one program, you most likely started with a list of a potential devices and narrowed your choices until you found the models that fit your budget and student needs. You weighed the benefits of the Dell Chromebook 3120’s 180-degree hinge and and debated whether or not the Lenovo N21 and Lenovo N22 can really survive a 2.3-foot drop. You didn’t assume that any Chromebook would be good enough, and you should apply the same critical eye to case offerings.


Much like test-driving a car or trying out the furniture, you should examine the look and feel of a Chromebook case up close to make sure it delivers what it promises. Find out what type of material the manufacturer uses and how the degree of durability translates to a school setting. For example, the Bubble 2 Chromebook Case by Volume Cases is made from luggage-grade ballistic nylon that can resist punctures and abrasive wear from a variety of objects. It also features a shock-absorbant texture, making devices safer in backpacks and lockers.


Your Program Structure Should Influence Your Case Budget


Think about where and how your Chromebook devices will be stored. Will they be stacked on carts or in an inventory closet? Are students taking them home every day? Are they required to charge the devices before school, reducing opportunities for cord-related breakage? Does your school have an in-house repair team that can provide fast turnaround, or are you relying on warranty coverage that may put devices out of use for weeks? How big is your repair or replacement budget?


As a rule of thumb, buy the most durable covers available at your price range, and be willing to pay more to protect take-home devices. You also need more coverage if your repair cycle is long and costly. In short, a one-to-one program is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to buy high-quality cases that extend the life of your investment and reduce repair costs along the way.


Volume Cases produces rugged cases for Chromebooks, Laptops and MacBooks. Designed for student and teacher use. Free sample covers available for qualified schools

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