VolumeCases K-12 Chromebook & MacBook Cases made for Students | VolumeCases chosen as HP G5 EE Chromebook Case Deployment for Avon Schools 1:1 Program
Customizable Rugged and protective cases & covers for Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks. Geared towards the k-12 education and Fortune 500 companies.
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VolumeCases chosen as HP G5 EE Chromebook Case Deployment for Avon Schools 1:1 Program

VolumeCases chosen as HP G5 EE Chromebook Case Deployment for Avon Schools 1:1 Program

Avon Schools has purchased Folder cases by VolumeCases for their 1:1 program after thorough research. Evaluation of other Chromebook case has been substandard.


e team at VolumeCases is pleased to announce their latest major order. Avon Grove, of Nebraska , recently placed an order for 800 customized Dell Chromebook 11″ 3120 Folder cases for their Chromebook 1:1 program deployment.

Each of the cases is customized with Avon Grove Schools’ logo in yellow with a black case and made to fit into carts.

After months of evalauting Chroembook case manufacturers, Avon Grove’s Technology Director decided VolumeCases offered the best case at a reasonable cost to the district

Volume Cases manufactures customized student cases that are designed to be protective, functional, and durable. The rugged cases have a 5-year warranty and priced for every district budget.

The Folder case model  features luggage-grade materials, air-cooling channels, and imapct absorbing crumple zones that absorb shock.

About Volume Cases

A leading provider of custom Chromebook, Laptop and MacBook cases for the K-12 education space. Our best-of-breed cases and covers are designed for student use and the ultimate in Chromebook protection.
Volume Cases has successfully deployed over 500,000 cases in 400 schools and districts in all 50 states.
Offering 25 custom case colors, school logo embossing and a variety of case choices, Volume Cases is the one stop source for Chromebook, laptop and MacBook cases.

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