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Streamlined Folder Case Offers Viewing Stand for Students

Streamlined Folder Case Offers Viewing Stand for Students


The work-oriented laptop-style setup is a dominant selling point for K-12 schools choosing between tablets and Chromebooks, so it makes sense for administrators to pair the devices with cases that support productivity in the classroom.


The FolderTM Chromebook case by Volume Cases goes beyond protective functionality by providing an integrated stand that allows students to elevate and angle the computer. A fold-up flap extends from the bottom of the case, making it easy to raise the computer to a better viewing position. And for students and faculty who find it uncomfortable to type on a flat keyboard, the stand enables an inclined position, similar to a desktop keyboard.


Protection from Impact and Wear


Of course, the FolderTM case is also exceptionally good at shielding Chromebooks from damage. The case’s “always on” design encloses the computer like a folder for limited contact with external threats. “Always on” means always protected, and eliminating a student’s reasons to remove the protective case automatically cuts down on breakage rates. At the same time, the case is reinforced by a protruding lip that surrounds the Chromebook on all sides, absorbing shock from bumps and drops and protecting the computer edges from direct impact.


While a typical Chromebook student is likely to avoid the most blatant dangers, a kid can easily overlook less obvious threats, such as damage caused by a computer sliding and bumping around inside its case. Ever mindful of the possibility of rough-and-tumble handling, Volume Cases incorporated close-fitting straps and corner guards that keep the computer still, reducing unnecessary movement and friction.


In addition to preventing broken Chromebooks, school administrators are concerned with keeping the devices in tiptop physical condition, since the majority of districts plan to reuse each computer for two to four years. The FolderTM case is made for preservation and features an ultra-soft interior lined with a microfiber fabric that smoothly envelops the Chromebook without leaving any marks on its housing. For maximum cushioning power, the case’s exterior is outfitted with thick padding to combat breakage by spreading out the force of impact as much as possible.


Accident-Proof Protective Gear


Administrators can feel safe when handing out school-issued Chromebooks equipped with secure FolderTM cases. The case is waterproof to ensure the computer doesn’t get wet during a sudden rainstorm or a spill in the science lab. Port cutouts are ideally placed for comfortable access to the computer’s controls, and the side vents are conveniently uncovered to reduce overheating and allow adequate airflow in and out of the device.


In anticipation of lost or stolen devices, administrators can take advantage of the customization features Volume Cases offers. Adding a school name or logo helps the community quickly identify the owner and return a misplaced device. District administrators can also protect their investment by requesting the optional shoulder strap and prohibiting students from carrying their computers in backpacks. By providing an alternate way to tote the Chromebook around, administrators can phase out one of the most common causes of Chromebook damage.


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