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Customizable Rugged and protective cases & covers for Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks. Geared towards the k-12 education and Fortune 500 companies.
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Make Sure Your Slim Chromebook Covers Aren’t Slim on Protection

Make Sure Your Slim Chromebook Covers Aren’t Slim on Protection

Slim Chromebook covers widely vary in quality and protective capacity, so carefully choose cases that shield vulnerable computers like a helmet.

With many smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs getting thinner every year, brands are continually sending the message that slimmer is better. Yet, covering a Chromebook with a thin, flimsy case is like wearing a T-shirt in a hailstorm. Thin coverage is often more decorative than practical, protecting a fragile computer from scratches while leaving it completely vulnerable to impact damage.

Fortunately, looks can be deceiving, and some slim cases are expertly crafted to keep a Chromebook safe from accidental drops or bumps. The problem is school administrators must understand the elements of a high-quality slim case to make a good investment. Keep these questions in mind when choosing cases for school Chromebook programs.

Does the case interfere with Chromebook functionality?

Many manufacturers reduce bulk by making cases that closely fit the device like a second skin. The downside is that these cases usually don’t have interior restraints to hold the Chromebook in place or a structured design that can support the device while open or closed. As a result, the case may cover ports and other components, making it necessary for students to remove them to use their computers. A case’s value quickly diminishes when it’s protective capacity is only present when a student isn’t using the device.

What is the material quality?

Materials are the most important part of a Chromebook case, as they determine whether objects in your environment have a high chance of getting past your defenses and damaging the computer. Can pens and pencils poke the computer through the fabric? Can books crush the display? Can impact harm the computer’s internal components?

When evaluating material quality, look for resilient construction that absorbs shock and resists friction and penetration. For example, Volume Case creates slim covers made from densely woven ballistic nylon, preventing sharp objects from tearing the material. The interiors are lined with velour to cushion the Chromebook’s outer covers without rubbing or wearing the surface.

Are there special designs features to prevent damage?

Shock absorbance is the top priority when comparing cases, as the design has to withstand force from falling or bumping another object. More importantly, a good case reduces shock to computers to make sure the internal components won’t malfunction from severe impact. Volume Cases uses crumple zones to absorb and redistribute shock when a Chromebook crashes to the floor, and this protection is effective even when the computer is open.

In addition to having reinforced edges and spines, the best cases also include a wide enough lip to prevent the sides of the Chromebook from ever touching the ground when it falls, especially if the computer lands upside down in an open position. They may also include restraints to secure the device or specialty textures to improve impact resistance.

Slim cases are a safe bet as long as they’re designed to stay on the Chromebook at all times and shield the most damage-prone parts. Understandably, students want a lightweight option for carrying Chromebooks, and purchasing well-crafted cases can help sustain your school’s investment and one-to-one program.

Volume Cases produces rugged cases for Chromebooks, Laptops and MacBooks. Designed for student and teacher use. Free sample covers available for qualified schools

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