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How To Avoid Setbacks in Your Chromebook Case Fundraiser

How To Avoid Setbacks in Your Chromebook Case Fundraiser

Get the word out about your Chromebook case fundraiser ahead of time to make sure your district meets your minimum sales goals.


Chromebook cases are your only assurance that student computers will survive the school year, so skimping on protective gear isn’t an option. If teachers and parents are responsible for purchasing their own covers, hosting a case fundraiser is a smart way to earn some extra cash for your district or school. Vendors like Volume Cases make fundraising easy by handling the ordering process, but in order to make your event a success, you have to spread the word and generate as much community support as possible.


Generate Buzz in Advance


If students and faculty aren’t required to buy the district-issued cases, your total earnings may vary drastically, depending on how much effort you put into promoting the fundraiser. Based on the number of Chromebooks you’re deploying and the cost of each case, determine the minimum amount you want to raise.


Don’t leave anything to chance. Announce the upcoming fundraiser as soon as you inform parents that they have to purchase cases. Post countdown signs at all schools participating in Chromebook one-to-one programs, and display details of your fundraising progress throughout the event. Reach out to parents through multiple channels by sending emails and posting fundraising notices in prominent locations on your website and online student/parent portal.


Give the People a Voice


Students are more likely to participate in the fundraiser if they are included in the decision-making process. Choose a Chromebook case manufacturer that offers customization, such as logos or school colors, and host a  brief poll to allow students and faculty vote to on two or three different design options.


Parents are more concerned about the end goal of a fundraiser. Like any good campaign, your Chromebook technology fundraiser will fare better if you have a cause to rally around, so choose the route of transparency. Whenever possible, let parents know how you intend to use the funds you raise, such as the network infrastructure budget or computers for the following year.


Recruit Parents Who Like to Network


The PTA or school district foundation are the obvious places to start, since these parents devote themselves to improving opportunities for your local schools. Enlisting the PTA to manage the fundraiser also saves administrative manpower and enables trusted parents to communicate the benefits of district-sponsored Chromebook accessories.


PTA members are generally active in the community and have access to fellow parents outside of school functions, making them the perfect ambassadors for your fundraiser. If your district also oversees sales of discounted Chromebooks to the greater community, consider organizing case fundraisers once or twice a year to tap into an even larger customer base.  


Make a Product Demo


Give parents and faculty a visual demonstration they can easily check out on their own time. You can’t provide everyone with Chromebook case samples, so use the ones you have to record a short product demo. Before recording anything, come up with a list of features and benefits that make your chosen Chromebook case ideal for your students, especially if you’re using different cases based on age groups.


Take clear, 360-degree footage of the case, and get close-ups of the material and craftsmanship details. Highlight the features that have the most impact on a parent’s cash flow, such as a shock-absorbent texture that prevents breakage. Drive the point home by ending your promo with a reminder of the insurance or repair costs in the event of a damaged Chromebook.


Keeping parents informed at every step of a budding Chromebook initiative will help you maintain long-term support and motivate families to participate in the fundraiser. Make sure you work with a reputable Chromebook case designer who is readily available to answer parents’ questions and provide more information. After all, providing a great product is the easiest way to get everyone on board.

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