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Google Drive Template Ideas that Streamline Classwork

Google Drive Template Ideas that Streamline Classwork


Google Drive templates save time when designing grading and curriculum materials or assigning document-based projects to students.


Document templates are the ultimate time-saving tools for desktop publishing, allowing you to cut your work time in half when handling detailed projects, such as progress reports or newsletters. Google Drive hosts hundreds of native and user-submitted templates for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms, and the Students & Teachers filter specifically caters to classroom needs. Use these four ideas to start polishing up your projects with ready-made templates.


  1. Lesson Plan and Syllabus Templates


From choosing supplementary resources to writing lesson plans, teachers have jampacked schedules that include hours of out-of-class work time. With preformatted lesson plans and syllabi, you can quickly input the unique criteria for each new assignment or class without starting from scratching. Since Google Drive is heavily sourced from user-submitted templates, many teaching resources already have a stamp of approval from fellow educators after undergoing fine-tuning and trial runs in real-world classroom settings.


  1. Newsletter Templates


Newspaper assignments are timeless team projects for social studies and English classes or journalism clubs, but students may waste valuable time when deciding on the best format. Whether you design a custom template or sample a premade one, providing classes with a solid format structure helps students with limited desktop publishing skills jump right into developing content. Templates also give groups more time to focus on dividing up the labor and brainstorming ideas.


  1. Calendar and Schedule Templates


You manage multiple students and classes on a daily basis, so make your life a little simpler by using templates to organize your schedules for classroom activities, lesson plans and student presentations. If your school uses the Chrome OS, you can easily share your calendars with individual classes or faculty members, and having a database of monthly schedules to compare makes you more likely to zero in on distractions or habits that interfere with your productivity.


  1. Grading Rubric and Progress Report Templates


No matter how often curriculum changes, grading standards rarely undergo any drastic reform. A handy supply of go-to templates for progress reports and assignments rubrics cuts down on tedious document-formatting tasks, allowing you to quickly tackle a big pile of assessments at the end of a busy term. Design templates for specific assignment categories, such as research papers or lab reports, and you can distribute rubrics ahead of time to make your grading process transparent to students.


To take advantage of the template feature, click “New” on the “File” menu, and select “From template” to view the gallery. You can also add your own designs to the public collection by clicking the “Submit a template” link in the Google Drive template gallery. Since anyone can view public templates, be sure to include only boilerplate information in this document. To make personal templates, choose the “Make a Copy” option from the File menu to duplicate and rename the file you’re currently working on.


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