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Google Announces Kid-Proofed Haier Chromebook 11e

Google Announces Kid-Proofed Haier Chromebook 11e

Google and Haier partner up on the Haier Chromebook 11e, a more heavy-duty, kid-tested version of the Haier Chromebook 11.


It’s no secret that Google Chromebooks have found a home in schools across the globe, giving students countless opportunities for self-directed learning. While district administrators are eager to get 1:1 technology programs up and running, they also have to contend with the continual threat of damaged property.


Recognizing the need for a tougher solution, Haier developed the Chromebook 11e to help district administrators sleep soundly at night without being plagued by thoughts of Chromebooks doing somersaults inside backpacks or crashing into the ground. As a first line of defense, the Chromebook 11e has a ruggedized exterior casing to stand up to any perilous school supplies that could scuff, scratch or crush the computer.


The Chromebook 11e was subjected to real-world testing in classroom environments, helping developers evaluate the device’s limitations in the (often brutal) hands of children. The computers are made to withstand abuse, according to Rajen Sheth, who works as the Director of Product Management for Android and Chrome for Business and Education. Not only is the keyboard spill-resistant but the Chromebook is equipped with a drainage hole to clear liquid off the computer as quickly as possible.


The standard Chromebook 11 is priced at $149, so schools should expect a slightly higher cost for the upcoming ruggedized models. The Chromebook 11e boasts the same 10-hour battery life as the original, but will feature a removable battery pack. The device also features a built-in carrying handle to give slippery fingers fewer excuses for those accidental drops.


Administrators should probably view this ruggedized design as just an added layer of security in an aggressive safety plan that includes acceptable-use contracts and reinforced Chromebook cases from educationally focused manufacturers like Volume Cases. Even Sheth acknowledges that children are capable of finding new and imaginative ways to break a laptop, so kid-proofing a Chromebook is an ongoing battle.


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