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Bubble Chromebook Case Helps Student Laptops Survive the Danger Zone

Bubble Chromebook Case Helps Student Laptops Survive the Danger Zone

At first glance, a typical public school classroom doesn’t look like a battleground. But unfortunately for district administrators, school-issued computers are fighting against steep survival odds from the moment they reach student hands.

When students are carrying costly technology, all their ordinary interactions suddenly become potential hazards. Tossing a backpack into a locker, bumping into classmates, and running to get to class on time are just a few ways students endanger their Chromebooks without even realizing it. No matter how much time administrators devote to educating K-12 students on proper Chromebook care, they also have to consider the amount of damage kids can inflict by repeating simple, seemingly harmless actions every day.

Protection Wherever Students Travel

Choosing the most damage-resistant protective cases can help school administrators save money in the long run. The Bubble Chromebook case designed by Volume Cases offers the comprehensive coverage students need to feel safe carrying a Chromebook in the halls, on school buses, and at home.

Policies concerning the safest way to transport Chromebooks vary from district to district, but administrators across the country agree that screen damage accounts for the majority of broken Chromebooks. The Bubble™case eliminates the need for backpack transport by providing two alternate portability methods: a shoulder strap and a carrying handle.

High Impact and Damage Resistance

Many of the qualities that make Chromebooks appealing, such as their thin, lightweight construction, equally contribute to their vulnerability. Whether students are working in class or at home, the Bubble™ case limits a Chromebook’s points of contact with objects that could cause breakage or wear. The case is waterproof to protect the computer from an ill-placed drink, but students can also use the zipper closure to seal up the Chromebook between assignments and protect it from any accidental splatters.

Yet, the Bubble™ case doesn’t simply cover the computer; the outside is textured with a grid-like design of shallow bumps. The “bubble” texture prevents the Chromebook from ever taking a direct hit, so the computer’s fragile components won’t absorb the full impact of drops and hallway collisions. On the inside, the case is lined with a microfiber material that’s gentle on the computer casing, preventing abrasive friction that could scrape or wear down the Chromebook’s exterior.

The average Chromebook student isn’t walking home through a war zone, but the Bubble™ case’s ballistic nylon construction could certainly stop a stray fragment. In school terms, that means a student could carry the Chromebook in a backpack filled with freshly sharpened pencils and pointy compasses without worrying about rips and tears that could expose the computer to nicks and scratches.

Always-On Design

Administrators can recommend one million care tips; they can’t regulate how students behave at home. The Bubble case give administrators piece of mind by eliminating any reason students would need to remove the case during normal usage. The bubble texture creates interior dimples that enable airflow, so students can spend hours researching and writing without worrying about an overheated computer. Every button and port is accessible with the case on, while the snug fit and corner straps prevent any uncomfortable sliding that would prompt students to remove their cases.

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