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5 Addictive Educational Gaming Apps to Trick Kids into Learning

5 Addictive Educational Gaming Apps to Trick Kids into Learning

When you want to convince students to learn, use cleverly disguised educational apps on Chromebooks to motivate kids to use math, logic and a host of other skills.


Sometimes, the direct approach to teaching is the hardest. Students want to be entertained and engaged, so their minds often wander mere minutes into your presentation if all signs scream, “Boring work ahead!” The value of a blended learning classroom is your ability to change up the routine, instead of sticking to a low-impact method of constant lecturing and note-taking. When you want to encourage kids to apply new skills, use these gaming apps as creative outlets for students who prefer hands-on learning.


  1. Where’s My Water?


Recommended for ages 5 and up, “Where’s My Water?” is a Disney game about an alligator named Swampy who lives in the sewers. Swampy wants to be clean, but he can’t take a shower until you figure out how to maneuver various obstructions to get fresh water to the lovable alligator. This award-winning game is a top pick from Commonsense Media, and it pushes kids to use logic and problem-solving skills to complete each puzzle.


At the same time, the back story and characters are totally entertaining, and kids encounter basic science concepts when choosing which obstacles to manipulate, such as toxic water, ooze and steam. The paid version offers over 500 puzzles, and while gameplay is casual, you can use this fun app to help students build soft skills, such as analytical thinking, alongside their foundational knowledge.


  1. Kahoot!


Every student has a unique learning style and pace, so you automatically cut off opportunities to help kids excel if you have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Kahoot! is a free, all-ages app that lets you create games to test how well students are comprehending lessons and find out exactly what content sections have each student stumped. The best part is you can tailor it for any subject, and students all play on their individual devices, so their scores remain private.


At the same time, you can lead the “game show” by projecting your screen for everyone to see, making the lesson feel like fun group entertainment. Kahoot! is a smart way to lighten the mood after a lecture or review materials before a test. The app recently reached 25 million users, so it’s safe to say that Kahoot! is a hit with students.


  1. Storybird

Lure out the inner creator in shy students with Storybird, an interactive experience that lets students create stories and share them with people around the world. The company commissions illustrations from artists and animators worldwide, providing vivid imagery that sparks imagination and allows each individual to build stories by interpreting images in their own way.


The app is useful for creating stories yourself or putting students in charge. They build confidence by gaining fans from around the world and taking part in competitions, and students can participate in tag events that let them collaborate on stories. With illustrations geared toward a variety of genres, you can easily build a rich library of stories for your school written by current and past students. And of course, you can use the multitude of stories already available from the greater community.


  1. GoAnimate for Schools


Presentation skills will never go out of style, and GoAnimate helps you appeal to visual learners while giving students the tools to organize and share material in a logical format. The app offers an extensive library of characters, settings, props and more, letting teachers and students create and animate scenes in minutes.


Teachers love the app for introducing new concepts in a light-hearted fashion and providing at-home video instruction in preparation for lessons. Let students use the app to show their comprehension of science or literary concepts, or make engaging presentations to use at school fundraisers and open house events.


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